Elect Kevin J Barnes

Who is Kevin?


Married to Donna Barnes

Father of 6 children

Grandfather of 19 children

Scout Leader for over 40 years

City Planning Commission

Political Party Service

Licensed insurance agent since 1979

Various corporate positions from 1980-1998

Self-employed insurance agent since 1998

Why Vote Kevin?

Four years ago when I ran for the city council my platform was simply to serve the residents of American Fork. I did not have a particular agenda, grudge, or problem with the city or anything that was happening here. I have worked the last four years to serve and feel this has happened. Originally I was planning to serve only one term. However, things in our personal lives have changed and so I decided to run for a second term. My wife Donna and I have lived in American Fork for over 40 years and have raised our six children here. We love AF and truly enjoy living here and have no plans to ever leave. There is much that is happening here related to growth and the associated challenges. Two of the most important items for city government are (1) police and fire protection and (2) good infrastructure, including roads, water, and sewer. As a council we have worked hard to provide funding for these items while continuing to provide money for quality of life items such as parks, the recreation center, the library, and similar items. I would love the opportunity to serve another four years.

Dedicated husband, father and grandfather

Strong religious convictions

Common sense political opinions

American Fork business owner

Focused on the issues important to you -- efficient use of your tax dollars, continued road improvements, future growth and development